Moms Checklist to Choose the Perfect Places to Have a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your kids can be very painstaking and challenging. Every mother wants the best for their children and if that means planning for them to have the best birthday party ever, they will definitely do it. There are a lot of things to keep in mind before even starting to plan a birthday party. The most important being the venue where it will be celebrated. There are plenty of places to have a birthday party now that offer packages for parties, so much more than what were available before. We are spoiled for choices now as events had become a huge thing for a lot of people. It is not easy to just choose one, however, and there are a lot of factors that can affect every mom’s decisions.


The most important thing to take in mind when planning a birthday party or any event, for that matter, is to make sure that whatever location you choose is within your budget. It is very tempting to book the most popular places to have a birthday party around your neighborhood but practicality trumps these temptations especially when the cost saved from making the right choice of venue can be used for more meaningful purchases. The most cost-efficient venue to hold a birthday party will still of course be at your home. It is hard to estimate a budget for a venue if you are not aware of the other things that need to be planned for a party. It is best to get an idea of the cost for amenities, food, entertainment and party favors you’d like to get for the party first before deciding on a venue to book or hold for the celebration.

Party size

A good birthday party venue will need to fit everyone invited. Besides the invited guests, it should also be able to hold the chairs, tables and other equipment needed to accommodate the whole event. Some kids prefer a smaller party with just a few of their close friends but some prefer to invite their whole class. Parents may also want to invite relatives and other friends to their kid’s birthday party and this should all be taken into consideration before a party is planned. There are, however, several things moms can do to work around this. Birthday celebrations can be divided into different timings for different guests but it still depends on the venue booked if this arrangement can be made.


Once we’ve gotten the idea of how we want the party to look like, how much it will cost and who are the people to invite, it is time to actually search for places to have a birthday party that can fit these ideas. There are venues with all- inclusive amenities that may be very convenient for the overall planning of the party. Some venues already offer catering amenities, party favors, and even entertainment. This is a great choice if moms are a bit rushed for time or they just find it more practical to get everything for the celebration from one place. This is, however, a bit restrictive. Other venues on the other hand only provide the location itself and there are only guidelines to follow when planning an event, such as safety and cleanliness guidelines. Other than that, there is flexibility regarding the planning of the party itself.


Deciding on the perfect location for your kid’s birthday party is very challenging and even though you may find a place with perfect amenities and is well within your budget, another factor to take note of is the fact that it should be in a location that is easily accessible for the guests. Depending on whether you are in a city or the countryside, there are always ways to reach a destination. There are, however, limits to this especially when the guests invited are very varied. Arranging transportation for family members or a small group of friends can be easy to do if you choose a location that is a bit out of town but doing this for a lot of guests can be quite a hassle. It is also not certain if all guests have cars or know how to commute to the location. It is always best to find a venue that is not too hard to find to ensure that guests can turn up for the event in a timely manner. This also ensures that the planning of the event does not get wasted by only having a few people involved.


Last but not least, although it should not be the main deciding factor of a venue, moms must keep in mind the theme that their child wants to celebrate with for their birthday. It may seem insignificant, but the theme is where the whole planning will revolve around, including the choice of venue as well. For example, a pirate theme can be done in a resort or somewhere with a pool. The choices are endless and creativity must be present when planning. The secret here is to make the theme fit with the places to have a birthday party.

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