Amazing Kids Birthday Party Places Every Child Dreams Of

Birthday parties are hard to organize especially when it is meant for children but it is nothing short of magical when planned well. Kids love birthday parties just because of their image of how fun and exciting it can be. Every kid has dreamt of their ideal birthday party and these usually involve some of the most colourful and magical kids birthday party places.

1. Theme parks

The most popular and sought after location for any kind of celebration, but especially birthdays, are theme parks. Theme parks with a big name such as Disneyland are the ultimate place to be for kids. Naturally, they would love the idea of celebrating their special day at this location. Fun rides, food and other entertainment can fill their whole day with fun and excitement. The fact that they are surrounded by their childhood heroes and characters would be a real dream come true. Theme parks also provide a whole package of fun and activities for birthdays which will make the experience more memorable and personalized for your child. Other theme parks such as Universal Studios offer the same experience. There are plenty of theme parks around the world and any local theme park are one of the best kids birthday party places and would definitely be a great birthday experience for your child.

2. Play centers and arcades

There are different types of play centers and arcades. Play centers can mean indoor playgrounds or educational centers for children. Arcades on the other hand can be traditional arcades or new gaming centers that are growing in popularity. Younger kids may enjoy playground-like centers where there are features such as slides, ball pits, monkey bars and climbing nets. Older children may like to play gaming consoles instead or other interactive machines such as the ones that can be found in arcades. Despite having different features, their common ground is being an interactive play area for kids. Not all play centres can provide a space for children to have their birthday party but this is definitely one of the kids birthday party places that they would love to go to and celebrate their special day.

3. Trampoline parks and jumpyards

It is similar to an indoor playground concept but trampoline parks and jumpyards are specialized and focus on activities and equipment for jumping and climbing around. This is like a bigger version of their bounce castles when they were smaller. Although it is not a place to actually hold an event, kids can celebrate their birthday here by simply signing up for jumping sessions and having fun with it with their
friends. They host parties like no other and create activities that are best for the celebration. They can do all the work and entertainment. It helps them exercise and have fun at the same time. This kind of concept for birthday parties is quite new, which is an even better reason why a lot of kids are starting to love the idea of holding their birthdays in trampoline parks and jumpyards.

4. Movie Theatres

Some kids prefer a more relaxed but still fun kind of bonding. Movie theatres can also host children’s birthday parties upon request. Some may give packages for smaller groups and some allow the booking of the whole theatre in cases where there are a lot of people invited. There are also theatres that have special rooms for events and birthday parties which would feel like a private screening of a movie. Children love this concept because the movies are a fun place to eat snacks and watch some of the best animated shows for kids. The private rooms they provide can even be spacious enough for them to host small activities, eat cake and socialize.

5. Ice skating rinks

Another adventurous option to celebrate a birthday party is at ice skating rinks. Children love skating, even children that do not know how to ice skate would enjoy this experience. Skating instructors can always be hired to assist during the activities and when birthday parties and other events are booked. Some ice skating rinks also provide private rooms for when the kids are taking a break and would like to eat or drink or just rest from skating. This is especially one of the popular kids birthday party places during the summer season.

6. Escape Rooms

This is another new activity that is gaining popularity among children. Escape games stimulates their intellect more than their physical prowess. There are differently themed escape rooms and children are sure to find each of them very interesting. It is best to stay away from scary escape rooms because there are plenty of others that are great for kids like those with cartoon themes and puzzles. Some escape room locations also provide party rooms for after-activity gatherings and is a new and unique take on kids birthday party places.

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